Nubits Custodian Urgency Needed in

Hi Everyone

I am Oscar Darmawan, CEO of

Currently we have the biggest trading volume for Nubits base on :

We offer Nubits trading with 0% fee.

Our current custodian inform me that he will no longer become our custodian after 3 april because his contract finish .Therefore we really need nubits custodian to support our current market.

We scared without any custodian in our exchange, it will spoil brand of Nubits that we built. Our members trust Nubits has value $1 and they use it for USD replacement. Without custodian, it will the price volatile with no enough support

Please let us know if any custodian able to support us. Thank you.



Hi Oscar,

Thanks for letting us know what’s going on…
I’ve sent henry of the NuLagoon Liquidity Pool a message to see if they can help. I’m confident that this community and the NuTeam will not let anything happen to our beloved Nubits.


Hi @bitcoincoid,
I suggest you start considering the idea of being a custodian yourself. It will just require you to run an app 24/7 and will show the community the commitment in peg-keeping, attracting also other users.

Does this sound reasonable? I can help you in the whole process


A market being a custodian is an excellent idea, really.

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I may possibly be able to provide coverage here. Please see my new thread at: I am still available as a custodian.


Thank you. I hope you can support our market :smile: Please let us know if its confirm

May I know how the status which this request ? Can I assume we will have new custodian operating ? Thank you


Below is what @henry had to say about providing coverage for NuBits on

"The Nu Lagoon will step out when liquidity is needed to maintain the peg. We will be doing some preparation and test of running nubot on The advantage of the Nu Lagoon is that we don’t need an extra proposal for shareholders’ approval to support another exchange.

Meanwhile, We would also like to encourage @learnmore and the exchange itself could also join the custodian team, because that is good for the network"

I just wondering how to join custodian team ? Thank you

Nu Lagoon Info

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The Nu Lagoon will provide liquidity support on We are doing some basic test now. @desrever said that there is some problem in bitcoincoid wrapper in NuBot 0.1.5 and will be solved in 0.2.0. So we will begin operation in production on botcoinid after NuBot 0.2.0 is released.

We would like to clarify that the operation of NuLagoon on bitcoinid doesn’t mean bitcoinid is “occupied”, as current version of NuBot is support multiple custodians very well now, and NuLagoon can move its operation to another exchange easily. New LPCs are welcomed to provide services on nubits exchanges, including bitcoinid.


Well I would like to keep you guys know that our Nubits volume has been down into 11NBT now (drop from 6000NBT previously). Nubits’s price still around $1 but our members scared to trading and trusting it because swallow orderbook now. I hope this problem may resolve soon. Thank you

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We need that engine that is running at full force again.
Let try to make sure they have enough liquidity because they showed great promise.
@learnmore we need you!


any update about this ? Thank you

Nubits price in our marketplace now become $1.04 due no liquidity. Thank you

NuBits Markets
Source Pair Volume (24h) Price Volume (%) Updated
1 Poloniex NBT/BTC $ 2,501 $ 0.983791 55.31 % Recently
2 Bitcoin Indonesia NBT/BTC $ 1,120 $ 1.04 24.76 % Recently

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Sorry for the delay.
The Nu Lagoon is supporting now .