NuBits @

Currently NuBits is on the 19th position by its market cap. It’s rather far below and perhap does not catch as much attention as it deserves. While other cryptocurrencies have their market cap volatile, NuBits market cap is definitely not volatile and this gives our market cap an advantage in front of others. It means that NuBits market cap is not inflated and it actually reflects real value. What is more, we can all participate in getting NuBits a better ranking in Here’s what you will have to do: buy as many nubits as possible. That way the shareholders are forced to print more nubits to satisfy the demand. As a result, NuBits will gain better ranking. In a sense this is a one-time effort because once we have claimed a certain market cap it will not decrease. Having a high rank at will serve the function of a “banner” as it will attract more people to participate in Nu’s economy.


i believe nushares can play this role :wink:


that’s a valid point because nushares are released to the market with a fixed price. selling below that price is somewhat against the common sense.

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