NuBits - BlockShares pair on CCEDK

We decided to launch on CCEDK the BlockShares pair traded with NubIts, and hope that could create some traction.

All the best

Ronny Boesing

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This is a release candidate blockchain, which means that it may not be the final production version if problems with the distribution are discovered. Once we are confident the distribution was completed properly and the network proves to be stable, we will promote the release candidate blockchain to production status. We expect this process to take a couple weeks. No one should be a buyer of release candidate BlockShares from individual sellers because there is a chance the blockchain could be discarded and a second release candidate would be used with BlockShares distributed based on the centralized ledger we possess. Accordingly, exchanges should not be listing BlockShares during the release candidate period. If you wish to purchase BlockShares during the release candidate period you should buy them directly from B&C Exchange so that the transaction appears in the temporary centralized ledger that would be used in the case that a second release candidate blockchain becomes necessary.

Please consider reaching out to a B&C Exchange team member in the future so we can ensure the trading pair is implemented at the proper time, and with the proper setup.


We decided to launch on CCEDK the BlockShares pair traded with NubIts, and hope that could create some traction.

All the best

Ronny Boesing

Sounds great! :clap:

As @tomjoad mentioned BKS is not supposed to be traded at the moment. People buying them from existing owners could end up having nothing if the current blockchain is rebooted.

If you also create nbt-bkc that will be very interesting as bkc will have unlimited fixed-priced supply but limited but solid consumption so the price action against it’s issuing price ($1) will probably be complex.

BKC vs NBT is very interesting for me.

BKC “pegging” is backed by the B&C exchange business revenue, if BKC pegged to 1$, the Pegging cost of Nu will dramatically decrease. in this way, the Nu business is hooked with B&C. The NBT LPC on BKC/NBT pair may buy more BKC for operation. BKC price may fluctuate from 0.9 to 1.0$, and NBT strictly pegged with 1$, which means the BKC/NBT ratio will flucatuate. Anyway, BKC is much more stable than BTC, the less risk, the less reward demanded by LPC. Or we can make BKC anti-inflation, so that BKC and NBT are two type of pegging currency helping each other.

All in all, the B&C exchange income will give confidence to the whole chain: BKS/BKC->NSR/NBT.

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Having BlockShares trading while the blockchain is still a release candidate creates some problems for BlockShare holders. As TomJoad pointed out, we have sternly warned everyone not to purchase BlockShares from any third party during the release candidate period because of the risk that a new blockchain will be instead of the current release candidate. This scenario encourages extra BKS selling while discouraging buying, which translates into a below market BKS price. Sellers have extra incentive to sell, because they will get 2 BlockShares for every one they own in the case that a new blockchain is created. Buyers, on the other hand, will receive nothing of value if a new blockchain is used. This means both buyers and sellers have good reason to value release candidate BlockShares significantly less than production BlockShares. For this reason, trading right now can only bring confusion about the market value of BlockShares.

I can understand why CCEDK wants to begin exchanging BlockShares. After the Nu blockchain was released and endorsed as the production chain, we were hesitant to have NSR traded because data feeds had not been implemented yet. CCEDK honoured our wish to not trade NSR but BTER proceeded to trade them. This gave BTER a head start with creating NSR liquidity and volume. CCEDK has proved to be very ambitious and I would guess they are determined to get the head start themselves this time. That’s just good business.

Due to my concerns that trading release candidate BlockShares will bring confusion about the value of production BlockShares, I would like to ask CCEDK and @ronny to give us until the end of 9 August to report on whether the current blockchain will be the production one by halting trading on the BKS/NBT pair for that short time.

Hopefully this solution will balance the interest that CCEDK has in encouraging the formation of BKS liquidity on their exchange by offering trading first with shareholders’ interest in creating a fair market that trades production BKS and offers clarity on market participants’ valuation of BlockShares.


That is exactly the reason, so nicely spotted and understood, thanks.

Thank you for your comment @JordanLee and understanding

I will will ask the devs to remove the pair for a few days,pls let me know then on August 9 or around this date if ok, and whether a BKC pair with NuBits would be good that time as well.

On top of all, I managed to get some correspondence going on this pair, which was a another reason for this thread, and I see that happened as well.

Today in Forbes, Nubits will have a short mentioning in an article on Qora, as one of the fiat pegged crypto currencies listed on CCEDK, just for your information, in case of interest


Rationally Nu should punish BTER for doing that.

It’s clear why buying release candidate BKS is a risky endeavour for the buyers and not in favour of the BKS market perception. The resulting BKS price would need to be below the price BKS are still being sold for by B&C Exchange to reflect that risk.

Still I understand @ronny’s/CCEDK’s reasoning for starting early as a lesson learned from the start of NSR trading.

Halting that trading pair a few more days until the current blockchain is confirmed to become the production blockchain is very forthcoming of @ronny.

While NSR trading without data feeds could have led to severe structural problems for Nu1, BKS trading now would only be of lesser economical importance for B&C Exchange.
I find it reputable that @ronny decided to hold back BKS trading for some more days.

Maybe this can be honoured by granting CCEDK a prominent position equal to this

1 NSR used for minting without manually configured votes AND without votes from a registered data feed could have stalled Nu’s consensus mechanism

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I think so - but can you elaborate why?
Some nushareholders think that Nu will provide liquidity to BC, others think that it is the other way around.

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Technically you are right.
Practically it’s more complicated.

Punishing BTER on the one hand would be shooting in one’s own foot on the other hand.
The ways to punish BTER for what they’ve done are limited, not continuing liquidity providing one of the possibilities.
Is Nu really interested in doing that?

In contrast to trying to punish BTER for that (which hardly could be successful), Nu and BCE (I start to find this abbreviation more comfortable than writing “B&C Exchange” all the time) could honour positive moves by rewarding them in appropriate ways.

I find positive incentives for “good behaviour” more appealing and more practical than trying to punish for “misbehaviour”.
This expresses my style of treating situations like this:

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It depends on market. BKC or NBT, whick will be popular?

Anyway it’s good have feed back of some sort.

Good news! The B&C release candidate blockchain is ready to be regarded as the final production blockchain immediately. Details are available here.


Sell me your bks. Or rather, buy my nubits with your bks.

@ronny Can we get NSR/BKS?

Can we get BKS/BTC pair?

In order to get the nsr pairs up and running again, I would prefer to leave that pair out, and suggest all interested parties to buy BKS with their NSR via the listed nsr pairs NSR/BTC, NSR/NBT, NSR/PPC, NSR/USD, NSR/EUR and NSR/CNY.

We are considering the delisting of some of these pairs if no movement in coming month, so I guess this could be a nice time to see which of these pairs have a reason to stay.

I am asking to have a BKS/BTC pair up a.s.a.p. maybe even possible today.

Is it of interest to have the BKC pairs listed right away as well?


I don’t think BKC demand will grow before B&C in operation.

Re. BTC to buy BKS, please note that NBT/BTC pair is also available and might be a good way to get that pair back up and running.

And I will just make sure there are no tradng fees connected to that pair at least untill October!

Meaning traaing pair will be a mere 0,001% just to have show in CMC!

And on the BTC/BKS pair it will be the standard 0,2%, and we ofcourse make use of this as potential income to repay the shareholders a well. Looking into first return of funds starting this week, but still waiting to have adresses as to where to return the funds from @KTm