NuBits at SouthXchange on BTC and USD pairs with $20,000 liquidity

southxchange-60 SouthXchange

US NuBits (:usnbt:) are available for $1.00 with $20,000 of total dual-side liquidity on SouthXchange.


SouthXchange makes a great example of how to implement our stable currencies so they’re attractive for traders. You get to see the current price of Bitcoin instead of the difficult to read “0.00018…”, and we’re listed under USNBT in their market browser.


We have seen some volume gathering on the SouthXchange BTC/USNBT pair recently. We want to encourage more volume there, to get the trading pair listed on and to increase sales of US NuBits.

To that end, we will increase the total liquidity provided at SouthXchange to approximately $30,000: $20,000 on the BTC/USNBT pair and $10,000 on the USNBT/USD pair. The spread on the USNBT/USD pair is already a very tight 0.4%. The spread on the BTC/USNBT will be lowered to 0.7% as a temporary promotion.

We hope you enjoy these excellent conditions for trading US-NBT!