Nubits as Smartcoin on OpenLedger allowing to borrow, short, long etc, and tipping NBT, NSR, BKS amongst yourselves on forum and on social network!

How about creating Nubits as a Smartcoin on OpenLedger using NuBits or Nushares as collateral and this way allowing users to borrow, short etc. You have a great way of showing BitShares community what NuBits can really be used for ion a decentralized exchange.

Apart from that, not sure you realize but OpenLedger is having both NBT and NSR listed on platform and on the base of a bridge similar to any other exchange. With the new API they have managed to set up you may have a good opportunity to set up some bots and liquidity there as well, even if you dont wish to create smartcoin, although I think its a great way of promoting NuBits on the DEX for the world to see.

Apart from that, how would you like here on forum to be able to tip eachother in NuBits, NuShares or BlockShares depending on what is your preference. I could offer you this solution as well, and on top of everything you would be able to send your loved ones an amount of your currecny by e-mail with url taking receiver to destination where to pick up the money and decide whether in cash or crypto.

You would also be able to tip eachother on twitter, facebook, reddit an Slack.

This coming week I expect to have CMC listing OpenLedger separately with some 20-30 currency pairs to begin with and more to come, and expect as well BKS to be listed in automode and as bridge similar to what NuBits and NUShares are on both CCEDK and OpenLedger, so OpenLedger would then be the first exchange to offer BKS in automode.

Let me know if you wish to know more.

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing