Nubits art painting

…a person from Canada ask me for special request,to make him a nubits painting in my style.
we made a deal ,and i made two very similar nubits painting for him,to choose for one.
he took a painting version 1,and i still got a painting version 2 for sale

see a painting here,because i cant post it as newbie

my paintings

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edit: removed wrong link

that looks like nextcoin, this one is nu:

hey irritant,thanks for help

How much are they selling for?

The painting NUBITS version 1 is sold for 450 USD,we made a deal and the buyer is happy to be owner.

Painting NUBITS version 2 is still available,price is 400 USD.

i will sell it for 300 usd,if anyone interesting ,let me know ,thanks

painting sold.