Nubits and NY Stock Exchange

nubits and NY Stock Exchange

New ideas for nubits

-My suggestion is to use nubits with the admitted real assets on worldwide.

The big part is yours to accomplish this.

nubits needs great projects to remaiın alive and I hope you can accomplish that.

Our goal for nubits is:
-that the whole people in the world can make NY Stock Exchange by using nubits gateway.

When you accomplish this nubits will have fullfilled it’s duty completely and a new era will begin.
You’ll have unlimited power as a company.

My suggestions for nubits:

We must use nubits to buy stocks in NY Stock Exchange
And what do we have to do to accomplish this?
1-Create a new section called “Stock Exchange” under your firm.
2-Create an Online Stock Market Platform connected to NY Stock Exchange and only take dollars coming from nubits gateway.
3-Input all the information of companies financial conditions on this website. Also input a news section about companies. We must create a huge news network.
4-People be able to register and transact on this website.
5-Our website must have high security and there must be access methods such as Google authenticator or cellphone secure check passwords.
6-You must send money to the members -who sold their stocks from Web Online Exchange Platforms- bank accounts by EFT when they want. You have to cut only the fees charged by the bank while you sending money.
7-You have to take mediator fee to be not too high on the Web Online Exchange Platform transactions.
8-You must ask Passport or ID number, full address, cellphone number and bank IBAN on registration.

Other Features
Sending Dollar from Web Online Exchange Platform with
1-Members should be able to send dollar to their Web Online Exchange Platform accounts and buy stocks on
2-If the member wants, they should be able to send Dollar from Web Online Exchange Platform to their accounts on

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b&c exchange could easy become the biggest decentralized market for decentralized crypto stocks.
Your idea is related.
Combining nubits and ny stock exchange is certainly interesting but if you use a nbt/usd payment gateway to buy stocks in your system, why not using usd directly in the first place?
I am asking this question because it seems that you would need to reveal your identity, reducing drastically the value of using nubits.

We must use the vehicle as Nubits
Nubits -> USD cevrip will pay the market should be the vehicle