NuBits Accepted Here Sample Badges

Here are the sample “NuBits Accepted Here” badges that my designer made. If you all like them, I’ll have him develop the full package: (small medium and large sizes). Several of these I couldn’t tell the difference at first, but they’re all different in some way. Some may have a slightly darker background shading for example. If these are good, or if there is something wrong or missing, just let me know.



Hmm, apparently I can’t post larger images on this forum software without it resizing smaller. Is there any way to fix that to allow larger images to be posted?

Either way, you can click the source link to see the full size version.

Well I certainly like them :smile:

impressive ! well done, I really like them. He sure know what he is doing, I don’t have much feedback!

They are looking very great and I can’t really tell you which I like best, because depending on the situation and intended use some fit better that others.
These are a great selection!

Clicking on the image shows you the full size. The images embedded in posts on the forum are responsive previews; the display is intended to make it so anyone viewing the post on any device can see the whole image.

Ben, my display is 1920x1080. There’s more than enough room on my screen, yet the image is still reduced in size. Should it be full size or no? I just wanted to make sure the forum image resizing is working correctly. On PeercoinTalk at least, I had Fuzzy change it so that if the image was too large, it was automatically resized to match your screen size. Is that how it’s supposed to be here?

try clicking on the image once. It should pop up into a bigger view. Then click on it again, and it should become full size.

The site is designed to be mobile friendly without requiring a dedicated app as Ben said.

Do you see the multiple sizes when you click on it?

Yes, I see them now. It works.

As for the sample images, it seems everyone likes them. If there are no complaints or feedback by tonight, then I’ll have my designer make the full set.

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Although there have been only a bunch of comments so far, I agree that everyone seems to like the badges or even love them :smile:
I’d like to see a full set!

Looks great, nice job Sentinel!

Nice! Those will come in handy.

I like them a lot. The border detail is particularly well done.

good job, @Sentinelrv