Nubits = $1 but not on exchanges

So how exactly do you keep the price of 1 nubit stay at $1 while anyone can bid on them, making them not worth $1.

example: at the time of posting on cryptsy 1 nbt is going for 0.00315463 ~ .97 cents not $1, thought the hole idea behind nubit was to sustain an $1 per coin.



NuBits has been stable over all timeframes since its release. Coinmarketcap is only accurate as of its latest update. The current price on a given exchange may be different from the pricing you see, because a trade may not have been enacted using the newer values. For example, this is why a user may see the price of NuBits as $0.983982. This price difference away from $1.00 US is a result of the volatility of the crypto trading pairs like BTC and PPC.

Despite Bitcoin’s incredible volatility this week, the peg is being maintained at high volumes of trading.

For general information on NBT price stability:


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I hope @tomjoad resolved your doubts.

Also all the internal discussion takes place here in the forums, so a forum search is a great tool to get all the details.
If you are interested, and want to get a global view of Nu, I suggest you also read History of the Nu Network

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