NuBit un-pegged? [worrying]

NuBits (NBT)$ 0.989589 (-1.20 %) on cmkc

NBT/BTC$ 19,938$ 0.979341 on CCEDK —> very worrying!!!

The peg is fine. You can see the buy walls on that currency pair here: If the peg were failing, you would not see a buy wall.

The amount appears slightly off from $1 because it’s based on the last trade price on that pair, compared to the estimated value of BTC.

You can also check the peg support inside the Nu client. At the time of this writing, custodians are reporting about $200,000 of buy support for the peg.


FAQ explaining how shifting prices of BTC and PPC can impact the displayed price of NBT in the short-term: The price is still solidly at $1.00 US.

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Should we bring back the idea of having a dumb trading bot placing orders of 0.1 NBT every half an hour (Or every wall shift) , just to update the “last” price?

Yes. Let’s talk offline about what is required and then I’ll post a follow-up

that’s a lot of exclamation marks for … basically nothing :slight_smile:

txs - to pitch and make Nu appealing, we must correct the price tag in real time on coinmarketcap - that is a must I think.

I don’t see that as a priority. As exchange volume and number of trades per hour go up the precision of CMC’s “at that moment” display will also improve.