NuBit Promotion Strategy

Greetings everyone, I’d like to discuss NuBit promotion strategy.

NuBit Tipping:

Strategic tipping could be an excellent and cost effective method to promote NuBits. We could potentially grant NuBits to trusted community members who are well equipped to respond to questions and concerns. Those members could then follow certain guidelines such as: appropriate tipping amounts, optimal locations for tipping, ideal candidates for tips, etc.

NuBit Services:

Useful services that utilize NuBits that are cost effective to develop. Decentralized markets, secure messaging systems, banks, payroll managers, games, etc. It may be a bit early to begin development of such things, but it might be useful to consider when we should fund such endeavors.

It is vitally important for us to be well prepared to answer questions and concerns about the nu network. I recommend that we create strong versions of each potential argument against the nu network, and then attempt to answer them. Would be ideal to have simplified and technical versions of each argument and response.

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I encourage you to share these thoughts in my marketing roadmap post here: Nu Marketing Roadmap

What you are suggesting are important tasks to think about for Stage 1 and 2 of the roadmap.