Nu version of BitHub in order to boost development

Hello Gentlemen,

After read this blog post from Open Whisper Systems some time ago, I was wondering: would a “NuHub” version of it help NuNet development even further? Would it help to promote and hasten NuDev? Would it help to boost and gather the collaborative (and Wiki) power around NuNet?

What do you guys think about it?

I’d like to hear some insights if possible…


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Not sure about that, we have for Peercoin and Primecoin from our own developer sigmike which could be changed for NuBits. This never happened as we have custodial grants. Shareholders can just vote to direct money to developer, which is easier to manage imo.

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But it also means we have to pay for absolutely everything ourselves with no chance of donations from community members or individual shareholders.

The best form of donation is to buy shares, honestly.

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Or put up a bounty. I think this will become more popular and a supporting application would be helpful by then.

Nice to see there’s something like that for PPC and Primecoin.

Is that ( working and helping development for that coins/projects?

Is bringing real (and relevant) benefits?

It has for a while. The problem is that except bounties and donations you also need people to take work up and accept the bounty. I think that is still a major problem. And most developers and others prefer a monthly salary or other assurances over working for a bounty. Having said that the system does allow for fixed and agreed payments.


Thanks for the info.