Nu should make a DAO for Marketing

Nu should make a DAO
Nu should be a 'startup’
Nu should make marketing as DAO startup
"Save your money, make money"
I mean that is marketing:
The people dont want understand nu, they only should love it and get some money for it
There is no risk to make a DAO Startup with nu, because Nu is working already

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Nu already is a DAO. Are you just saying we should use the acronym more? Or do you want some (in my opinion meaningless) layer of complexity by using the eth blockchain?


both together. The acronym ‘DAO’ and ‘startup’ use. Because there are thousands of people who search the web for it.
And we could blockchain eth use to generate a stable basket regardless of the dollar. Could we therefore do not buy forest or agriculture? We could obtain income from leasing.
When someone saves his money with Nu (e.g. for retirement), then it needs a real value, which yields little interest.

Just publish a story on one of those popular Bitcoin/cryptotech portals that Nu was the first DAC. Ok, people are now used to ‘DAO’ so maybe keep with it.

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