Nu ShadowNet testing playground

Hey everyone,

I have started a new mainnet clone for Nu that I’m calling the ShadowNet (Sounds cool, eh?). The goal of starting this clone of the mainnet blockchain is to do testing and QA work running mainnet code. As @sigmike has pointed out a few times the testnet code is very different from the mainnet code, so testing results derived from testnet may not reflect results from the same actions on mainnet. Meaning it’s not very useful for me to feel confident in those results. Also, the testnet blockchain has grown to a ridiculous size, and has many other issues.

Nu ShadowNet solves those issues and opens up costless testing to the community as well. These are fake NuBits and NuShares on a completely separate blockchain. I’ve changed many parameters so that running NuShadow client will not interfere with the existing Nu client. The ports is uses are different, the data directory is different, and even the client looks different. You can use NuShadow client along side the Nu client as well.

I have done this a lot personally on local networks, but I think this would also be beneficial to members of the community. So, I’m opening it up to everyone. You can find more info on the repo here:

The network has already been started and is minting. Seems to be running well. If anyone needs NuBits or NuShares to do some testing let me know. I have plenty.


if someone can make a windows version i am willing to run it.

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I haven’t figured out how to produce Windows builds from my Linux development environment yet. If I can figure that out i’ll produce some windows builds.

I’ve also been trying to setup my laptop so I can help produce official gitian builds, but my laptop doesn’t seem to like Linux as a host OS. Lots of problems when I try to use it, so that’s going to take time in figuring out as well.

Thanks for the work! – will use the linux builds since I dont have any security reason to use my windows laptop.