Nu server question

So probably a simple question.
How do I get a nu server on linux to give me a NBT address?
I can’t find the command to switch from NSR to NBT

after nud use --unit=B to do NuBits stuff

./nud --unit=B getnewaddress (or whatever the command is I forget)

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@CoinGame is right. He gave you the right command.

You might like

nud -unit=B help
nud -unit=B listaccounts
nud -unit=B getaddressesbyaccount [account]
nud -unit=B getnewaddress [account]
nud -unit=B setaccount <address> <account>

when dealing with addresses/accounts.

You can for example create a new address for the “” account

nud -unit=B getnewaddress ""

identify the new address by

nud -unit=B getaddressesbyaccount ""

and rename the address afterwards

nud -unit=B setaccount <new.address.on.""> <account>

Make sure to create a backup of your wallet afterwards - just in case. Afaik the new address will be taken from the keypool which means it’s available in older backups (unless you already used all addresses form the initially created keypool), but you never know…

nud -unit=B backupwallet <destination>
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Awesome! I’d recommend adding that to your docs.

Second command in the list.

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I was focused on:


+1 for adding it to the RPC doc

Ah good call. I can see how that would cause it to be overlooked. I think that whole top portion of the page needs to be overhauled for readability. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

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