Nu peg to Tether

Let’s talk about something positive.

Could we set up a Nu driven NBT/Tether exchange? The risk should be low.

The exchange would charge 0.2% for small exchanges and 0.1% for large.

Why? Because like it or no Tether is a USD fiat gateway. And nu needs fiat gateways.


I am in for that experiment – centralized exchange first or it could be a peershares based decentralized one?

I was just thinking of keeping it simple…
I sticky thread at the top of the forums with two elected managers of the funds who is available at least once a day to make exchanges.
Managers have access to central exchange - Polo - for Tether and a Nu deposit
All exchanges tracked on an open google doc sheet

This idea is covered in [Discussion] Contract to create web interface code that one can use to sell/buy Nubits with fiat online

The “interface code” is a no-orderbook exchange that anyone can run. Besides Tether, it can also accept OKpay, PerfectMoney, btc-e voucher …

I agree it is there. And we can work to that…
But this is something we could have tomorrow - given the funds.

I support that, but…

is probably an issue by now.

I know. Just wanted to talk something else.