Nu network health indicators

I am explaining here to my Japanese audience the following Nu network heath indicators but I need some more info.

  • Trades Table: Is it actual trade (it does not seem so) or just nubot placing orders with no actual execution?

  • USD NAV: What is causing the sharp drop recently? Shouldn’t we mention the assets held in ETH, BCH, and others?

  • Funds: What is it about?

Thank you

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Hi cryptog.

The trades table is actual trades carried out by NuBot. It is currently only trades on Bittrex and some work need to go into the wrappers for the other exchange APIs (mainly southxchange).
USD NAV should definitely include the funds held in other crypto currencies such as ETH. There is a bit of work there to fetch the USD values of those crypto currencies from CoinMarketCap.
I have started on a lot of these tasks but am feeding he data into a separate service that handles the graphing of time series data very well. Over the coming days and weeks I will finish that work and make the improvements that are needed to the current charts as needed.

The Funds link is an attempt at making a graphical representation of fund movements on the Nu blockchain. You can click on addresses there and it will add transactions and additional blocks that funds have moved to from them. I had attempted to use it to trace funds from the breached addresses but it requires some refinement as the number of nodes can become to great and cause the whole thing to crash.


Tks @woolly_sammoth .

I see plenty of 100k USD trades within very short time frames but the trade volume is roughly 1m USD within 24h.
These NuBot trades are not taken into account by coinmarketcap?

I’m not completely sure how CoinMarketCap calculates their volume. If they pull it from the exchange API itself I would expect the trades to show in the total volume. It’s possible that they use some custom method to aggregate the trades which may miss trades that occur rapidly together.
I agree that it would be good to have agreement between the two sources. All I know is that the trade table shows exactly what comes from the Bittrex API.

If it is done by NuBot, then it is not actually some trader who is actually trading NBT back and forth,
so it would be logical to remove those trades from actual concrete trade volume.

perhaps. I’m not sure whether CoinMarketCap or others know about NuBot or would be able to distinguish NuBot trades from other trades. When I say “carried out by NuBot” I mean that these are trades recorded by the Bittrex account that NuBot uses.

But NuBot could sell and buy its own fund?
And those trades would be recorded.
In that case, it should be discarded since it would not represent actual demand or usage, right?

No, a lot of time has gone into ensuring that NuBot doesn’t buy and sell it’s own funds. Orders are carefully adjusted when required to ensure that there is no clashing. The only orders that are recorded in the Trade Table are the ones made when Orders are bought or sold into the walls placed by NuBot, or orders that are consumed when NuBot moves the walls due to a price alteration.