Nu makes environmentally-wasteful Bitcoin mines like this one obsolete

Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine:

Most of our communications and marketing focus on the benefits of stability in a pegged digital currency. It’s always nice to remember that using Nu instead of Bitcoin helps make wasteful PoW mining obsolete and unprofitable.


Wasteful is the proper word to describe the complete lifecycle of a highly specialized mining device.
Where CPU and GPU mining for sure wastes energy, CPUs and GPUs can be used for something else (true for FPGAs as well to a certain degree).
But ASIC miners are obsolete the day they enter the market.
I don’t whether I should feel pity for the workers for the boring to dangerous work they have or I should think they have a relatively well-paid job - for a limited time.

Operating an NSR minter is for sure safer for people and environment!

Can’t wait for NuBox; my RaspberryPi2 needs something to play with :wink:

Interesting documentary. Thanks for posting this.

While being environmentally friendly is a good thing, I prefer to focus on the fact that the low cost of minting makes it more fair for everyone to get involved. This seems to be the more convincing argument to people, since it directly affects their wallet. Environmental friendliness and a more decentralized network are a side benefit to the low cost of minting.

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