Nu client 0.5.3 beta release

Here is a link to the data feed board for anybody that wants to post their info…


This data feed functionality is also great for people running the Nu client on the Raspberry Pi. With this you no longer have to log in to the Raspberry Pi to change your votes when required. Just update a file on your own server or subscribe to someone’s feed. Hope we can get the updated RPI binaries for 0.5.3 soon… @CoinGame, please?

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incredibly useful.

Edit : can I add a feature request? When pressing ‘export’ in the vote tab I wish the client exports a correctly formatted json feed with the votes currently being casted by the client. And maybe also expose it via rpc.

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Working on it.


I’ll have the OSX binary available ASAP. I have a environmental configuration issue that popped up that I need to fix before the build will compile correctly – nothing related to the Nu code, just a problem with my own local version of libcurl.

5.3 ARM daemon is available for download. Please see this post…


Question, if I’m using someone’s data feed, am I able to check in and see what is being voted for? For example, I might usually trust somebody’s judgement and decide to use their data feed. One day they decide to vote for opening the source code, which I may not be ready for. Is there a way to see in-client that this is being voted on, so I can remove the data feed if I disagree with the vote? I’m sure people would rather not blindly trust the data feed and would like to keep an eye on the votes currently taking place. Does this voting info show when using data feeds, so we know for sure what is being voted on?

What makes this a “super beta” in difference to the “only beta” versions?


You can just open the various vote dialogs, they will be updated by the data feed like if you changed the votes yourself.

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This may be a silly question but is there a way to rename motions in the client?


I agree. Such an export feature would be very useful if one wants to create one’s feed quickly, which is my case.

I’ve created an issue for that.

You can already get your current vote with getvote.


i noticed while installing the 64 bit version on windows 8 64 bit, it installed to the program files x86\ directory (64 bit applications should install in program files\ without x86, no?)

Finally got my Raspberry to work with Nu after some SD card issues and starting over with a new installation and adding all the dependencies. I’m now trying to add the datafeed. Should it just be nud -datafeed
Getting a couldn’t connect to the server error. Using the raw datafeed link for Github.

Or does it something need to be added to nu.conf?

No it’s not a parameter nor a configuration. It must be set via RPC or in the GUI. For example you can run this while the daemon is running:

    /path/to/nud setdatafeed

If the data feed is signed you can use this:

    /path/to/nud setdatafeed SSPwKhtFEyQvUx9cPjaC8yUxdeNrTMfJfF

And if you want to only update the park rates and the custodian votes:

    /path/to/nud setdatafeed SSPwKhtFEyQvUx9cPjaC8yUxdeNrTMfJfF custodians,parkrates

Or (without signature):

    /path/to/nud setdatafeed "" "" custodians,parkrates

The data feed informations are stored in your NuShares wallet.

To verify your current settings:

    /path/to/nud getdatafeed

Thanks @sigmike, I will integrate this write up into our guide.

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Hey folks,

The Windows and Linux builds of 0.5.3-RC3 are ready to play with. The SSL issue should be fixed now.

md5: 196e4d229892dfcf45eeee30d00f0859

md5: ca63f13d6560ff91feda2a41488d9248

Thanks for looking at these for us!


Edit: Links and md5’s updated. It should really be working this time. :slight_smile:

Just downloaded 0.5.3-RC3 and installed. Checked twice it is 0.5.3-RC3 and it is. However I’m still getting the unsupported protocol error on 64-bit Windows 7.

I’m using this link: Is it something with Github? That would be annoying as it leaves a nice track record when you change something. Very transparent.

On raspberry pi I am getting the same error while ./nud start . Not sure is feed related.

edit: my bad, should have ./nud --daemon . thanks @CoinGame

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