Nu 3.0 mandatory upgrade exchange watch

The Nu protocol switch date has been set to November 28 at 14:00 UTC. We need to ensure partners and exchanges upgrade. Here is a list of exchanges and partners we need to make sure have upgraded to ensure reliable service. Please let me know if I have overlooked anything:

  1. Poloniex (contacted by @jooize)

  2. Bittrex (contacted by @jooize)

  3. BTER (contacted by @jooize)

  4. SouthXchange (contacted by @jooize)

  5. NuLagoon Tube (upgrade confirmed)

  6. @backpacker’s block explorer (upgrade confirmed)

  7. @JetJet13’s block explorer

  8. Servers used by NuDroid (upgrade confirmed)

  9. Servers used by Coinomi [@erasmospunk]

  10. Backbone nodes listed in the source code by IP address

  11. (contacted by @jooize)

  12. (contacted by @jooize)

  13. HitBTC (contacted by @jooize)

  14. (contacted by @jooize)

Would anyone like to volunteer to contact each of these entities to ensure they upgrade to Nu 3.0? We need to get confirmation from each of them that they have upgraded.


NuLagoon Tube has been upgraded to v3.0.1

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There is only one server in control of the NuShareholders and that has been upgraded last week.

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running version 3.0.1


I will edit the OP with notes about the upgrade status of each entity.

Who can speak about upgrading the backbone nodes referenced by IP in the source code? @Ben @CoinGame @pennybreaker @sigmike?

1. Poloniex :heavy_check_mark:


Thank you for giving us the heads up.

I will forward this ticket to our technical department.

Thank you once again for the heads up regarding this - we have now made the necessary preparations and everything should be ready to go ahead smoothly.

2. Bittrex :heavy_check_mark:


I’ll get this escalated to someone who can take a closer look at your issue.

Requested status update.

We’re having troubles with this update. Are there new peer nodes that need to be activated? We arent’ getting any connections.

Thread set up.

Can you please have them come into our slack or go to our irc channel?

Details posted in aforementioned thread.

3. Bter :question:


Hi,We have recorded and submitted to the relevant staff evaluation process,Thank you.

Requested status update.

Submitted another ticket.

4. SouthXchange :heavy_check_mark:


Reminder sent.

Tweeted asking them to respond.

Wallet has been upgraded successfully before the new protocol was activated.

9. Coinomi :heavy_check_mark:


Thanks for informing us about the eminent protocol update, we have switched to the v3.0.1 clients on our electrum servers.

11. ShapeShift :grey_question:


We appreciate the heads up. I’ve notified our dev team. Have a nice day.

Requested status update.

I’ve reminded the dev team. However, I do think they are ahead of schedule. Let us know if there are any further alerts. Take care!

12. CoinPayments :heavy_check_mark:


Thanks, I’m updating now.

Requested confirmation that upgrade was made.

Yes, it is updated to 3.0.1.

13. HitBTC :heavy_multiplication_x:


Reminder sent.

Please note that NuBits has been delisted form HitBTC due to insignificant trading volume. Currently no HitBTC users hold any NBT balance.

14. Changelly :grey_question:


Thank you for the important notification! We’ll do.

Requested confirmation.


Is there any exchange using NuBits besides the ones listed here? I used the list on, which may not be complete.

There is another, which I just added to the OP:

Also, there is, which I also added.

Is CCEDK relevant anymore? I don’t know how OpenLedger works. Their traditional exchange appears to be gone.

I don’t think so, but don’t they still owe us money? Perhaps they are relevant in that way.


Thanks @jooize. I added these to the OP.

They’ve been contacted.

Anyone know where the backbone node IP addresses are listed in the source code?

@jooize will be paid 1 million NSR for verifying all these partners are upgraded. That is about $200.

CoinPayments says they’re upgrading now.

I’ll keep updating my earlier post.

I own one and it has been upgraded early. I don’t know about the other ones.

Sent reminders and asked some to confirm their upgrades. Updated earlier post with statuses.

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Bittrex says:

We’re having troubles with this update. Are there new peer nodes that need to be activated? We arent’ getting any connections.

Hmm its worse than that… it looks like it tries to resync from scratch but its getting 1 block with every restart? It’s also not respond to any RPC commands at all. Is there a chat where we can get you guys at?

Where should I point them?

It is my understanding it is @sigmike’s responsibility to support the release.