Nu 0.4.6 has been released

Available for Windows, Linux, and OSX:

MD5 ( = ef7920e9b9f8ef0d5d03e7cf7de88608
MD5 ( = 8bc17cdd0f4cf6fc78f67bf5163ad94e
MD5 ( = fc7788fb87fd7e68da658ec96f1b0b1d

Release Notes

  • Minor update how the listtransactions RPC method returns information (RPC output now matches what is seen in the GUI). For a single transaction display, instead of showing the list of split inputs (all with the same TxID and address) it will consolidate the list into a single transaction for the full amount.
Feature: Split outputs appear as a single transaction in listtransactions
    Given a network with node "Alice" able to mint
    And a node "Bob" with an empty wallet and with avatar mode disabled
    And node "Bob" generates a new address "bob"
    When node "Alice" sends "30,000" NSR to "bob"
    Then all nodes should have 1 transaction in memory pool
    And node "Bob" should have 1 NSR transaction
    And the 1st transaction should be a receive of "30,000" to "bob"

    When node "Alice" finds a block received by all other nodes
    And node "Alice" generates a new address "alice"
    And node "Bob" sends "25,000" NSR to "alice"
    Then node "Bob" should have 2 NSR transaction
    And the 2nd transaction should be a send of "25,000" to "alice"

Note: If you need to use the listtransactions RPC method from the command line for your Nu-integrated application, you will need to add the flag “avatar=0” to your nu.conf file. There is a side effect of this change:

Shareholders that set avatar=0, will have their change sent to a hidden address (like Peercoin does by default if avatar=1 is not enabled). This means that the (hidden) change addresses will not be picked up if the shareholder tries to export their addresses to their Peercoin wallet for dividends. Dividends will not be lost–they are still sent to the Peercoin address that corresponds to the hidden NSR change address–but until those addresses can be exported from the NuShares wallet they cannot be imported into the Peercoin wallet. We will be working on an update to address this in the near future.

Known Defects

Most users: When sending NSR transactions from a client that did not include avatar=0 in nu.conf will see unexpected incoming and outgoing transactions with the change amount that cancel each other, but it’s only a graphic display problem. The transaction totals will be appropriately calculated by the client and it will appear correctly in the block explorer. We will work to include a fix for this display issue in a future build.

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small not really an issue: everytime i reinstall because there is a new version, it overwrites the shortcut, which i have to edit because i use some extra parameter in the command, if it just leaves the existing shortcut i wouldn’t have to do that

(yes i know, very small issue, for the lazy)

Does Peercoin do what you describe?

yes same thing (overwrites the shortcut) with peercoin, bitcoin also

I’m just moving the exe instead of installing. I don’t think the installer should leave out the shortcut. Best it could do is leaving shortcut if exists. But you will get people complaining that it didn’t upgrade etc

I didn’t like it when peerunity uninstallation removed the current installation directory therefore removed all custom scripts and other files. For example my custom minting script in the daemon subdir was lost once due to this. Usually uninstallation should only unstall what the installer has installed. If a subdir is not empty because there is user generated files it shouldn’t remove that subdir.

But you will get people complaining that it didn’t upgrade etc

If people put a customized shortbut themselves it’s not reasonable to expect the installer to upgrade it.

Anyways like cybnate I only copy the exe files. I use the -conf and -datadir options to start nu in a bat file, so that I don’ t keep the wallet in the usual %appdata% dir. However copying the exe files could not be enough if the upgrade has other changes. Another causion if anyone also wants to do this, remember the nud command will also need to have these switches.