NSR Withdrawal on bter freezed

Hi everybody!

yesterday I bought some NSR through my old bter.com account and tried to withdraw them to my NBT/NSR wallet 0.5. The process went smooth, but never came to an end as after 1 day still the withdrawal says it is “processing” and no NSR transfer was made.

I opened a ticket in bter support but still no answer.

Someone had the same problem?


bter just resolved the issue and the withdrawal arrived. Looks like it was just a delay.

Happened before a couple of times. I believe that for larg-ish amounts they release it manually. A support ticket will speed it up. Don’t panic, they are very professional

They got stolen several times, so It seems they check every withdraws now, not only NSR.

I had a same experience as mtrivel’s. My withdraw delayed for more than 1.5 days.