NSR missing from coinmarketcap

seems that nushares are no longer listed on coinmarketcap due to low volume. that’s bad. fortunately, if the volume goes up again, it should become listed again automatically.

yah, that’s pretty bad. I’ll work on closing the spread on Bter. The only issue I have is that I’m feeling a pump coming on after the 7 microBTC dump last week and I don’t want to sell, which means I need to go on and push up the price (self fulfilling prophecy right there). Anyway, it looks like Polo’s got some nice support today.

I noticed that too.

Is there really no other exchanges that care to list NSR? I’m going to start emailing around to see if anyone is interested. I’m a little disheartened that Bittrex has not decided to list us yet.

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Me too. We’ve asked multiple times, and no response. Same goes for the major Chinese exchanges. It will likely take NSR moving up into the top 10 or 15 of market cap to be seriously considered.

Why has it been 10 hours since the Poloniex volume was updated?

CMC should start listing NSR at the top again once this is fixed. We’re still listed … just lower on the list under “Low Volume”. Notice that there are several assets with lower market caps that are still in the main list.

There … all better.