NSR listens to re-apply for deals on poloniex

Does the community apply to poloniex for re-launching NSR?
In the face of the current situation we have a better way? The issue of withdrawals has not been solved for months

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I think any advance has to involve a relaunch, since it will be in Poloniex’s interest if they can profit from it - this will also solve the withdrawal issue at the same time

If the reimbursing shareholder’s coin is used for the cost of reinstalling poloniex, it will be of great help to the value of the NSR, and in any event, should be kept in the necessary contact with poloniex
In addition CNNBT should actively get in touch with China’s exchanges, Chinese users urgently need a stable deposit channels for trading.


Chinese government has stopped all the Chinese crypto exchanges because of high risk.

We only have one internet on this planet, so no need to mimic the weakness of fiat. CNNBT is useless.

I think this is impossible. Prior to this in the history of the exchange there was not one such case and it is not accidental.

Even more exciting to be the first then! If we continue to develop NuBits into what I imagine and get the publicity it deserves, Poloniex won’t keep us unlisted.


The Poloniex exchange is just a business and they want to make big money. If NU team can show them how with the help of NuBits products the exchange can earn big money, that maybe they will return the trade.