NSR crash?

Curious what is going on with NSR, the NBT peg seems to be slowly restoring but NSR is very underpriced from my understanding of how the network is supposed to work.

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NuBits are the first decentralized stable currency. Being the first to do this, and do it for four years, is an amazing accomplishment. We accomplished it with very little funding: less than 2 million USD total over a 6 year period. We have averaged only 1 or 2 full time workers. I had suspected such a major accomplishment would attract more funding, which would take the form of demand for NSR. This hasn’t happened yet, though. If we did this much with so little funding, imagine what we could do with proper funding and a higher value for NSR.

Can I support your guys with partime contract ? Im developer


I’ve sent you a direct message about it.