not available anymore.

trying to remove this.


Sorry to say, but your timing is unfortunate. Not your fault, but given the current situation I’m keeping new expenses on hold until the reserves are in a better state.

No problem at all. We have no time limits for this grant.

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Rudimentary UI with basic display now available.


Why aren’t the record chronologically ordered?

These premium numbers show that parking is highly affordable to Nu:

Total due: 6061.9027 (103 TX)
151395.8127 NBT parked.

They are currently ordered alphabetically by txid (couchDB default), because I didn’t invest time in creating a sorting algorithm.

Keep in mind that this is by no way the final UI.

There you go. Just click the table heading :slight_smile:

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Very useful. Are these all parking tx ever existed on Nu networks?

Nope, just the once that have not unparked yet.

That’s all of them.

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Premium estimated: 10204.3457 (454 TX)
544713.9951 NBT parked.