Newcomer: Please explain the dividend process from scratch

Hi guys, I know there are existing threads on the topic. Those have not proven enlightening as to the current state of affairs.

Can someone please simply state how the NuShares dividend process has worked over the past 12 months, how it will work going forward and where I can explore the price and dividend data if that is possible?


Two dividend distributions have been performed since the network launched.

Since those distributions shareholders have decided that NuShares buybacks are a preferred use of network funds, and dividend distributions have been put on hold indefinitely.

Similar question was asked here and there is some extra info.

See this already conflicts with what I’ve heard; IE that there was a Peercoin payout last year even after the decision to only do a burn was voted in.

Also where can I get the information on the payouts to calculate the ROI. Were there really only 2 pay outs.

I’m not sure where you heard that, but to my recollection there were two payouts. That’s it. Anyone can submit dividends through the network from the client, but there has only been two official distributions from shareholder funds. The last one being in January of 2015. You can find more information about the payouts from the first two links I shared.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Talking about dividends, the BKS distribution should be mentioned here as well:

as i know ,we have 3 time dividend including BKS

So what has been the ROI for those 3 dividends?

How shall I format it, to make accessing the information easier?
Bold letters?

Firstly, I’m here in good faith, your reply is unclear, it still does not include the means and impact of the buyback. Secondly your attitude is unappreciated.

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Sorry sometimes my memory is failling me.

I beg your pardon.
You are aware that you were asking for the ROI of the dividends, although the answer to that question was 2 posts above it?
I seriously meant to make it easier for you to get the information by formatting the relevant information in bold letters.

The impact of buybacks is very difficult to calculate, because you have no information about how the rate would have moved without buybacks.
In general the assumption seems to be valid, that buybacks increase the value of a corporation through three ways:

  • creating demand
  • increasing scarcity
  • increasing the future dividends per share