New site and underlying framework for ""

We’ve recently migrated our Nu documentation site from our previous host ( to a Jekyll-powered site running through Github Pages.

This change was made to make it easier for the community to contribute updates and additional content, as well as to eliminate a monthly subscription charge that didn’t make sense to continue to pay for (in light of the free options that were available).

The new documentation site can still be reached at like it was before, but in the near future I should hopefully be able to also turn on for secure browsing. I’m working with CloudFlare’s support team to see why we’re still getting SSL warnings in some browsers when accessing the doc site’s pages even though the page-level rules that CF suggested are in place…

In the next few days I’ll have a chance to add content to the file with instructions for how members of the community can introduce updates directly through pull requests submitted to the documentation site’s Github repository. Until then just let me know directly if you have questions about how it works between now and when the README has been updated…

If you happen to notice anything that needs to be updated while you are reviewing the site, each page has a “Suggest Update” link at the top. If you are logged into your Github account and click this link, you’ll be taken to a pre-populated form where you can enter your suggestion for the team to review.

This is just the first step in a larger effort to migrate the content that is available on from limited access, centralized services to options that are community accessible and easier to maintain. I’ll provide additional updates with the steps and changes that I plan to put into place over the next couple of weeks as I have time to work on them.



@Ben worked really hard on this. The website looks great and will provide a lot of flexibility going forward. Thanks for all your efforts!

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Looks really nice, thanks Ben! Will this solve the problem of including multiple languages?

Also, I’ve heard before that stage 3 of our website was being worked on, but I haven’t heard anything about it in a while. Does anyone know if that is still being worked on, when we might see it and what it would include?

Yes, it’s possible to introduce localized versions of each of the knowledge base articles. I’ve included the underpinnings but will need to do more to make it integrated if people want to start writing copies in other languages.

If anyone would like to contribute content or translations in another language send me a note and we can work on documenting the workflow together.

@desrever is working daily to get the stage 3 site live. I think the only timeline we’re going to get on completion is Soon™. It’s looking good though. Lots of information about liquidity, parking and other stuff.

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Update: The certificate issue has resolved and the site is now redirecting all traffic through SSL.


any way we can forward sites like this:
to the right place:

This may just be a weird example, but it’s the result you get when you google ‘nu rpc’, which has been my procedure in the past.

Sure, I can look into setting up the redirect for the old content. Good catch.

301 redirect is now live for the original page pattern >> new pattern.

If you don’t see it happening on a link you’ve used in the past, please let me know what it is and I’ll confirm that it isn’t a different pattern that I need to add a rule for.

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i just noticed: the exchanges section should match