New proposal for Nubits

I haven’t been here for a very long time after I was disappointed 18 month ago. I think you guys now, understand what I was talking about in my last thread.

Under the current embarrassment moment, here are my new proposals:

Solution 1. Try to find a company, which would like to recover the lost and run Nubits in the future. The development team should give him support and total controls, that may mean all/most NSRs are supposed to be given.

Solution 2. (Was supposed to be useful) Issue more NSRs to new buyers if you can find to recover the lost. But it was useful if the system can earn profit instead of ponzi scheme. Forget solution 2.

Solution 3. Make a official announcement that Nubits failed. And restart Nubits2 (just a new name). Read my previous thread and know how to make profits using Nubits2. Promise all NBT holders to recover their lost if the Nubits2 make money in the future.

Wish you guys can make it run again, but not a ponzi scheme again.

By the way, I still hold some BKS, hope you guys won’t use BKS to recover the lost.

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Inside my sadness i feel really happy when i see old members coming back with proposals.
And also some new members step up with proposals!
What an awesome community!


Nubits2 is impossible since people just don’t trust you if you discard the angry NBT holders.

B&C as a company may help Nu after B&C begin to receive profit.

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Community is fine. But the core team is the key to make it successful.

Community is shareholders. Shareholders have all the power because they are the minting power that secures the blockchain. The dev are not the shareholders.
It is the shareholders job to find the right devs and steer the dao to the right direction, though.
That s the beauty of Nu.

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