New NuBits Logos 2018


tedge17™ at 99designs created NuBits logos for new South Korean and Japanese NuBits with a slight refresh in design. Colors are distinct and balanced to ensure all text is legible. There’s now only one logo per asset to clearly describe their properties (country, type, ticker).

New design integrates the brand-associated twisted N stamped onto all NuBits. Colors of European and Chinese NuBits were carefully adjusted to be visible even on dark backgrounds and remain distinguishable from NuShares.

South Korean and Japanese NuBits turned out beautiful. Liquidity Operations is set to release them now in March, and has found a South Korean exchange willing to debut KRNBT. You can easily add NuBits at your exchange too.

Formats: PNG, JPEG, AI (RGB), EPS (CMYK)
Fonts: Ubuntu Regular, Ubuntu Bold

:paperclip: NuBits Brand 2018

Statement on Status of NuBits and Liquidity 2018–03