New forum moderators

There’s very few admins/moderators responding to requests like this:

I won’t be able to respond to them going forward. I would like some additional community members to become forum moderators to help assist in requests like this.

I would prefer some members from this list as they are the most active members:

Maybe the best way to do this is through motion vote?

People would be able to use the @staff mention and there would be a wider group of staff to respond to forum related assistance.


What other privileges and responsbilities do the moderators have?

This details what moderators can/can’t do

I would be interested. As you know, I am an administrator on along with owner Fuzzybear. I have the usual mod access to things like moving threads, closing them, splitting them, banning users, etc… I also have larger access to things like editing the site news, sending out newsletters to the community, editing board titles and descriptions, creating new boards or removing them, etc… I use my powers mostly for managing the forum, rather than moderating specific users that spam, since both of our communities thankfully don’t have a lot of that going.


@Sentinelrv for my vote

I can’t promise that I always will be fast, but I can imagine being a moderator, if others consider me capable.


It would also give me administration experience in the event peercointalk goes the way of Discourse as advocated by @jooize here…


I am interested to be a mod on a best effort basis. I was a mod of a discussion board of several hundred members from ca '96 for several years.

I can be a mod if necessary.

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I didn’t see your reply in that thread. Are you not in favor of that? If so why?

I am, but too much has been going on for me to put any effort into it. We would also need Fuzzybear to ok it, which I’m not sure will happen or not. He hasn’t been active on the forum for a while now, but he’s not gone, just more in the background.

Do you like to elaborate why? Are you leaving this community or just picking up other activities?

Not leaving. Still active and hoping to continue on the website redesign, NuLaws, client development and other Nu projects as time allows. Time simply isn’t allowing much of it :slight_smile:. I haven’t been as responsive as I have in the past to these moderation requests, so I think it’s time to add a couple more that can help out.


I propose whoever wants to be a moderator, just be one.
Lets avoid any voting unless there is a limit of “how many”.

@Sentinelrv and @cryptog are now on the moderation team. Their applications were preferred because there was no conditionals tied to them. We’ll start from there and see if more are needed. Thanks for helping out!


Thanks for saving me from this burden - at least for now :wink:


You can’t do everything! :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely right.
And for that reason I’m glad that active and reliable community members offered their services to assist the moderators.
And I’m glad that @Coingame only faces the truth that sometimes you just don’t find the time to do all you want to do, while he still stays active and commited.

If it is not sufficient, I will be willing to be a moderator

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The new staffs can act now?