New Argentina-based exchange SouthXchange adds NuBits base-pair trading!


SouthXchange Bitcoin market:

NuBits exchange page:

If anyone tries them out, please let us know how your experience is.


The UI looks very good at first glance. Will test later.

Argentina’s demand for cheap USD value (like NBT) is definitely there.

Edit: Mh. I’m not sure if there is a functional trading API. At least, the documentation available doesn’t look like it.

So… no NuBot support coming in shortly… I guess.

Edit 2:
From their trollbox:
dani_: At the moment we only have the public API. We are working on the trading API. It will be ready in the near future.

@tomjoad are you in contact with them? Maybe their API development could go side by side with the NuBot wrapper for their exchange.


There seem to be a trading API available now:


SouthXchange announces its very first USD market…and it’s not Bitcoin!

You can now exchange your $NBT for $USD and withdraw to #PayPal! #NuBits @OfficialNuBits


NBT/USD market:

I can’t see any other USD trading pairs on SouthXchange’s front page.


this is huge! do we have a bot yet? although it isn’t so urgent in usd/nbt pair :wink:
it already has some orders in the correct value range!

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Yeah, someone should offer some liquidity there, is the easiest and safest operation. Can’t wait

I am wondering about the rationale of having NBT/USD and not BTC/USD… :smile:

The SouthX wrapper for ALP was finished by @thecrema and is currently being reviewed by @woolly_sammoth.
It’s only a matter of days I guess :wink:

As soon as the bot is available I will start testing and incorporate the feedback on my proposal here for the BTC/NBT pair. More than happy to add the NBT/USD pair as support for fiat pairs is the focus for LiquidBits. To keep the cost balanced I’m intending to reduce the cap on the NBT/USD pair on CCEDK as it is underutilised anyway.

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If you want you can try
I added a bot version for unix and windows that (hopefully) runs on southxchange (btc/nbt) - just ignore all other bots :wink:

The server settings are missing in the pool config files and the offset and deviation might need some adjustment as well.
But if everything went smooth, it should work.

The reason seems to be that NBT/USD withdrawals have 0 fee.

you mean NBT/USD trading :wink:

No. -->

oh yes!
"with 0% fees to exchange NBT to USD 1:1"
withdraw has fees as i see in their exchange :wink:
0.02 for NBT and 0.3 for USD, but trading has 0 fee

you are right :slight_smile: my bad.

By the way, why would they want to have 0 fee on NBT/USD ?
I am very interested in getting to know about that since it could be a general advantageous property of NuBits over BTC/USD.

i guess they want to keep 1NBT=1USD exactly by removing trading fees!
then the trading spread could be almost zero (very small)
they will get their fees by withdraws anyway, win-win
edit: do we have a thread to compare fees from various NBT exchanges?
if not, i can make one :wink:

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i don t think so. Great idea.

sometimes you can try to negotiate fees with exchange operators on an individual base, depending on volume

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SouthXchange seems to have quite rapid development.
The support system needs some tweaks, though. Using email to reach support is not state of the art.
Just consider cases in which confidential information needs to be provided!
I only hope they don’t sacrifice soundness for speed…

It’s not my intention to spoil SouthXchange, I just want to remind people to be careful when doing business.

Anyway I appreciate that there’s another exchange supporting NBT, it’s amazing that they have an NBT/USD pair and the best thing for sure is that they have 0 fees on that pair!

Time to revive this thread!
I am looking for a way to bring a nubot gateway in the NBT/USD pair.
ATM, the odds are against me.

  1. There is only one USD pair in the exchange: NBT/USD
  2. No deposit of USD is possible, at least i cannot find a way. How on earth there is some trading in the NBT/USD pair?!
  3. USD withdrawal is only possible to paypal. Not good!

I am afraid these 3 reasons make my plans MI (Mission Impossible)!

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