New 3D Printed NuBits Phone Case Coming Soon!

Hey guys, as you know the 3D printing store is now accepting NBT NuBita payments through ShapeShift.

We know it is not everyone that can afford a 3D printer, and for that reason we have decided to launch a new line of products dedicated to the cryptocurrency community! In the next few days, we will start 3D printing a new line of 3D Printed Phone Case for Altcoins!

I think it is going to be great because people will be able to spend cryptos for something they like and that they can use everyday!

Here is the announcement on Twitter:

Small peak at the 3D Render for NBT NuBits… (It will be available in different colors, for different phones)


nice! which smartphone is it for? do you ship outside US?

This is looking very good…

We will launch them on the website and users will be able to choose for iPhone 4, 5, 6, Galaxy S4, S5 and Nexus. If you have another type of phone we can still do customized.

Yes we are shipping worldwide, the only problem is that shipping cost are 25$ in Europe. However, it is FREE shipping on orders over 100$ on the webstore.

Stay in touch guys, thanks! We will 3D Print one very soon and upload the inventory on the webstore!

That’s an awesome idea. If that’s not a company secret, which 3D printer are you using? I’m from Olsztyn (Poland), the city where Zortrax has it’s headquarters. They’re making great 3D printers, high quality and low price.

Sorry for the delay, we are using our own 3D printer, the ISG11. It is a open-source 3D printer based on the RepRap mechanics.

By the way, we are 3D printing a NuBits iPhone Case on the streaming right now:

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This is the final product, we will be releasing all the cryptocurrency phone case very soon!

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That’s pretty neat, have you considered setting a sort of a printing outpost in Europe? This would significantly lower the shipping costs.

It’s worth mentioning too - as an open-source product - our logo can be used on any commercial products without mandatory licensing fees being required. I noticed the Nu “N” is slightly different in your design as compared to our logo. If that was an intentional stylistic choice to avoid trademark issues, you are free to make a version with the actual Nu “N” too.