NeuCoin Is A Bitcoin Alternative Designed For Microtransactions (2.25musd in funding)

Not a currency though…

As long as NeuBits and NeuShares are off the table, all the best of luck to them!

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They are now claiming that they have solved the nothing at stake issue.

edit: @sigmike

When I first saw NeuCoin’s name, I wasn’t pleased with its similarity to our own, but reasoned it was likely a coincidence.

Now that they are working with sigmike and presented the exact same nothing at stake solution we rolled out to production in September while implying it will be an innovation created for their network, may I suggest that it would be easier to buy some NuShares rather than imitating what we are doing?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Citing me and the Nu network (in addition to sigmike) as the source of their nothing at stake solution would be the right thing to do. Sigmike and I co-architected it in a long series of communications.


@JordanLee, have you seen this thread yet? One of their founders decided to open up communication with us at PeercoinTalk…

i feel neucoin is just a fork of peercoin with a lot of funding…
that funding is lkely to be burned in marketing.

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@JordanLee The Neucoin team addressed your post here…

I’ve been seeing Neucoin ads all over the place, coinmarketcap, Coindesk, etc…

Neucoin is probably a PoS version Dogecoin, without hash rate protection, PPC’s future is worrying.

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