NBT is Delist in upbit! and BBans run!


Eventually, NBT was delisted due to loss of functionality.
They do not make any announcements. I went to their office.

The development team ran away with huge funds.
This is an emergency.


Hello @crischan ,

Where is the office? Don’t see anything that would say this is the office of NBT.
Please check the Riot Chat and see that the developers still are there!
You’re making FUD. So what is your source?!


You go directly to the office.
You will see the same sight.
They do not make any announcements.


There is no office and there has never been an office as far as I know.

The Riot chat is good to check out too before making statements based on nothing: https://chat.nubits.com/#/room/#chat:nubits.com


You really need to come up with a source. You’re just making FUD.
So I think you should be silent if you don’t have anything REAL to say.


it’s that true.


it’s not fud. it’s true.


So where is your prove? An image from google?
Will not react to your FUD anymore



There is no Google image. Search.
Do not deny reality.
If this were a lie, nubits would have clarified.