NBT/BTC Bots are stuck

NBT/BTC is stuck again int bter a ccedk can u please fix that

Are you the one moving large amounts at one time (presumably arbitrage)? I’m interested because I’m trying to isolate scenarios that lead to these freezes, and these massive sells / buys may be part of the cause.

what do u mean by arbitrage?

no i am not i transfering money between 2 exchange but i trade for small gain i can u show u my withdrawal history if u need

what i saw that the bot get stuck when every time when there is a huge pump or dump

if this can help

I’m not concerned if you are doing it, I’m just trying to identify what has changed in the last 48 hours and that may be responsible for the bots getting stalled. The first time I saw that the pricing had stalled corresponds to the first time you reported that you’d run into a problem. I have no idea if you had been successfully trading in and out of the market for a while before tha happened, or if that was right after you’d first attempted it, so I’m looking at everything as a possibility.

This doesn’t mean that I’m blaming you for the stalling, it’s a fault in the bot’s logic, or in the exchange’s API – I’m just looking for patterns.

The logs indicate that the bots are still running and receiving notifications to move the walls, but the walls aren’t being shifted.

A huge pump/dump in which market? BTC and PPC? Any particular exchange you are following?

when btc nbt when price goes up fast like today i am only trading btc nbt now

i am using nubits i think about week now so this never happend and also people reported this on the forum before i do

Like I said, it’s not a problem, and I’m not placing any blame here. We’ll get to the bottom of it, so thank you for your patience and understanding.

thank you its resolved now and uve been helpful and fast

Please note that sell wall on CCEDK is kind of stuck or not working. Anyone can fix this?

Yes. It will be fixed momentarily. Thank you for notifying us of the problem @ronny. No action will be needed from @ronny as previously requested elsewhere.

Please note that NBT/PPC pair is acting strange at the moment off some 7-8%, please adjust asap.

I noticed that too on NBT/PPC sell side.

there is no support at bter please can anyone fix that?

The current buy side liquidity is getting very thin.

@assistant liquidity once again.

Hi cryptog

The current Liquidity in the Nu network is:

217021 NBT on the sell side and 16226 NBT on the buy side.