Moving NuShares from one computer to another

I have two computers, old and new. I have Nu client and NuShares on both

The old computer cannot update the blockchain fast enough, so the NuShares are “trapped” there. If I save this wallet.dat onto a USB, and put it in the Nu directory on my new computer, I guess I can update it there

But what about the existing wallet.dat on my new computer, with its NuShares. Do I have to keep swapping wallet.dats?

Is there is a way of merging the two wallet.dats, or the NuShares within them, so I can have all my NuShares on the client/wallet on my new computer?

best way would be to dumpprivkeys of the old computer and import them into new one.


Right. One can run dumpprivkey without having the client sync’ed.

I have used dumpprivkey to obtain the private key for some of my Nushares on the old computer - what is the next step?

According to Console Help (on the new computer client) there is - importprivkey [privkey] [label]

Is that the right command, and is the label obligatory? Can I just do - importprivkey [privkey]

Is it as simple as that? I have searched the internet for info, and found this:

This says it is potentially dangerous, so I need to know exactly what to do!

For a first go, I am seeking to transfer a private key for just small number of NuShares, but am worried about gumming up the works for the Nushares already on the new computer client

Yes. Bitcoin people are paranoid and think you’re dumb. It’s really as simple as that. The label just puts it in an account, without the label it’ll just stick them in the default “” account. You can always change that later if you have any need.

I just tried importprivkey followed by the private key, with one character space between them, but I get this in red:

Wallet is unlocked for minting only. (code -102) <<<

Any ideas? Thanks

Type this first. It will unlock your wallet for 60 seconds:

walletpassphrase “I like horses” 60

Except put your password in place of the horses thing.

I relocked my wallet, then tried that - after a few minutes, the Nushares came in, bit by bit, as the client updated (added and subtracted) all the transactions associated with that private key

Many thanks

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