Motion for manual exchange?


I need to take a break, but will continue addressing the points.


The strategy you choose to answer questions (or to explain why you don’t answer questions) or defend against valid arguments is worth a lot to you. The more you can delay everything and put people off, the more pay checks you can write to yourself at the cost of innocent people. You have resolved shit so far, literally nothing. You use the same narratives as your Chief Bird Idiot and you cash in on a daily basis. @Nagalim caught you when you front-ran the buybacks so fucking obviously, jesus… Same when you said that you simply make a grant to yourself: sure, because you and Phoenix hold the voting majority. It’s as simple as that. Relying on someone who can’t even calculate NAV as the Vice Chief of Liquidity Operations is a joke in itself for a project that wants to achieve global scale for a digital currency. But you don’t care, as you earn money on a daily basis. Take your break and count the BTC you cashed in at the cost of some innocent newcomers.


The first theft didn’t affect Nu or B&C Exchange at all. Those shares have not been restored either.

We have been working for Nu all year, many days for long hours, some when we had other plans, in the face of demoralizing setbacks and bad situations being exacerbated by people who were angry with us from the beginning for doing what should have already been done to avoid this situation!

Few seem to recognize how strictly we have followed the directives passed by shareholders, and barely anyone appears to understand the liquidity model. I aim to make it clear to customers what we’re selling. They should know exactly how our revenue is managed. Full backing of NuBits by design relies on investors purchasing new NuShares.

You are now strongly opposed to the liquidity model that had long been in place at the time available cryptoasset reserves (tier 1–4) began to diminish last year. Apparently, you didn’t see the huge gaping hole in the model excluding NuShare sales. Do people expect magical deep backing of NuBits?

What would you have done last year when the peg was abandoned? I still haven’t seen any alternative plan. I still haven’t seen the alternative narrative. I still haven’t seen much of substance from the people who stay around and actively slander and damage the prospects of this interesting and progressing endeavor!

Phoenix often did not communicate conducively with the community, and he’s not cheap at $90/hr. NuBits is healthy today thanks to him, and he brings extremely valuable expertise to the team. I remain shocked at the many in this community who do not realize what happened is that angry people went on a witch hunt and never considered why.

I stand by the payments I have approved and made on behalf of shareholders.


What are the consequences, @jooize? What are the fucking consequences? And now you come up with your damn stupid “shareholders” term. “Shareholders” could submit a motion. Dude, there are no shareholders. There is a shareholder (without s) because of those special seed investors that never existed. @jooize, what are the consequences? Tell me, what are the consequences in real life when someone fucks up as badly as @Jordanlee did? You know what? Shareholders aren’t relevant anymore. It’s a legal question. He will be taken to court. NuLaw isn’t running a court. NuLaw is a playing field for clowns smoking crack like you and @JordanLee/@Phoenix.