Minting diff adjustment lags behind

27 hours ago to 11.5 hours ago the minting block rate was 1.55min/block on average;
11.5 hours ago to 5.8 hours ago it was 1.13;
5.8 hours ago until now it is 0.82.

The minting diff changed from 0.000247 to 0.000240 to 0.000241 (edit: this is from memory because the blockexplorer doesn’t displyenough significant digits)

It seems that the minting difficulty adjustment is too slow to regulate the block rate within a time frame of at least 6 hours, causing great fluctuation.

How is the minting difficulty adjusted for Nushares?

In the same way as Peercoin ( ). Only the target spacing is different (and the floor that was recently removed). I think it’s meant to fully adjust in about a week ( ). I’m not sure why it oscillates like that.

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I simply love how you not only precisely answer this kind of questions (if the can be answered…) but refer to the code (on which your answer is based upon) wherever it’s possible and helps to enlighten people, too.
Thank you!
I already learned to like that style at

If it takes a week to fully adjust, there is little defense against fluctuation on a time scale of less than a day.