Minted Stake Accidentally on Old Client, Question

Hey guys, I’ve been incredibly behind on this forum over the last month and was planning to try and catch up on my upcoming Thanksgiving weekend where I have 6 days off. I haven’t been minting either because of it.

Anyway, I still had the old client installed when Nu first launched. Several days ago I opened up the client to check something, but then I was called out of the house. I forgot to shut down the client and my computer though. By the time I had come back, my NuShares balance had decreased and I had 60,000 NSR in the stake field. So I guess I accidentally minted using the old client.

I figured I should start minting soon anyway, so I reformatted my computer last night and installed a fresh copy (it had been acting slowly, so reformatting was necessary). I installed the latest client and put the wallet files where they go. I loaded up the wallet and let the blockchain download. The problem is that the stake field now says 0, rather than 60,000 and my balance hasn’t returned. If I go to the transactions tab and highlight the transactions, the tool tip window that pops up says this…

“Unconfirmed (0 of 6 confirmations) Generated but not accepted Mint by stake”

I guess they were rejected maybe because I was using the old client? My question is, will I receive my missing NuShares back after a certain number of blocks?

From this post: Immediate mandatory upgrade (0.5.1)

Not sure when the NSR would be returned. Someone on the dev/QA team would probably have a better idea.

If you had a client older than 5.1 then you minted on some other chain than the main one. That minting history does not exist on the main chain, so you won’t have any staked or block reward. You shouldn’t have to “get them back” because according to the main chain nothing ever happened to them. The transaction in your transaction history will stay grayed out like an orphaned block.

I’m a slightly confused though. You copied your wallet files (There’s two of them, one for NuBits and one for NuShares) over to this fresh machine, then you started to sync the blockchain, and now the NuShares balance shows 0? or is it just the staked that shows 0?

On the old machine my balance decreased by 60,000 NSR, from 5,000,000 to 4,940,000. The 60,000 then appeared in the stake field. I reformatted and copied both wallet files over to the fresh install. When I loaded it up, my balance still said 4,940,000, but the stake field no longer read 60,000. The stake field is now 0. So I’m trying to figure out what happened to my 60,000 NSR.

Can you try launching the wallet from the command line using the -rescan parameter?

if you’re on windows you would type CMD in the run box, and a black box will open up. Then you type the full path to the exe like:

C:\somefolder\anotherfolder\nu.exe -rescan

That should go back through the entire blockchain and verify your current transactions. You may also want to open up the console within the client and run repairwallet before you try this. Make sure you have backups of the wallet elsewhere before you try these.

Ok, I just left for work, so I’ll have to try it later when I get back.

You were on an old chain, so the NSR didn’t go anywhere. CoinGame’s advice will likely bring everything back in sync.

Good luck!

Thanks, I have a quick question. As I said, I’m pretty behind, but I’d like to start minting. Is it ok to mint without voting until I fully understand what I’m doing, or will that somehow damage the network? If minting without voting affects the network negatively, then I’ll just wait until I understand how to vote properly. But if it doesn’t have any negative effect, then I’d like to start minting while I spend the time on the weekend to figure it out. I wasn’t sure if minting without voting affected interest rates or anything, or if it does no harm.

Minting without voting is not a good idea because it essentially counts as a no vote against all current votes. While you probably don’t have enough of an impact to entirely prevent a vote from happening you will delay votes that would have normally passed earlier had you not been minting.

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Wow, this is good to know.

Maybe this should be listed in the website FAQ, as it seems pretty important. I wonder how many people realize this.


Work on automated data feeds is underway that will significantly reduce this problem. I expect in the future that certain popular data streams will be available in the client upon download.

Will the data feeds affect all types of voting, custodian, interest rate and motions or only one? And if it’s more than one, will we be able to set it up so interest rate voting is automatic, but custodian and motion voting is done manually?

From the client it won’t be possible. It will simply read from a feed URL and vote using the values from the feed.

There are ways around this though. Scripts or custom programs could be used to adjust the feed. The feed service itself could allow users to customize the feed with personal accounts. There will be a lot of opportunities for customization eventually at different layers. To start out though it will be a very simplified process of providing a URL to pull down voting data in one chunk. That chunk could include park rates, motions, custodians, or any combination of the three.

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Hey, I just wanted to say that using the repairwallet command fixed it. It said something in the console about a mismatch and I saw the 60,000 number pop up. I’m not sure exactly what it said, but my balance has returned to normal. I didn’t even have to do the rescan. Thanks guys! :smile:

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