Minimum output amount with dynamic fees

Continuing the discussion from [PASSED] Finalized motion for protocol changes:

In the current protocol there’s a minimum amount enforced on each output (except some special ones like votes). It has the same value as the minimum fee (1 for NSR and 0.01 for NBT). That means for example you can’t send 0.9 NSR to an address.

Since this was historically set to the same value as the minimum fee and the minimum fee will become dynamic, should the minimum amount follow it?

The passed motion doesn’t say anything about that so that’s not what I’m going to implement, but I guess the question must be posed.


I think it would make sense to keep the minimum fee aligned with the minimum amount. It is unlikely users want to spend more fee than the transaction is worth. e.g. with a high NBT 1 fee it is unlikely you would spend NBT 0.10 or even NBT 0.50.
When compelling and attractive scenarios are presented which need to allow lower amounts than the fee, we can always pass another motion for that when time comes.

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