MaVo silenced until March 2018

@MaVo has been silenced, meaning they can not create new posts or topics.

Reason: Repeatedly misleading statements with hostile demeanor.


I agree with this decision. The forum was becoming unpleasant to visit.

I think this was needed.

I’m all for constructive criticism, but his tone was anything but constructive.

His contribution has been positive in flagging risks and failings that need to be known & considered, but despite many times people asking him to contribute with a better tone, he wouldn’t, so I guess this action is required.


This is not entirely true, it is rather completely untrue. @Mavo often told us the truth, but sometimes too abruptly. For this, @jooize simply deleted or moved his posts. if such interlocks continue, then many people from this forum will have to look for another place to communicate.

This is why, he has been warned multiple times. Posts has been moved most of the time, rarely deleted.
Not keen on silencing people, and not proud of it, but if people keep on screaming while others try to make a normal conversation something needed to be done. There are not many functional forums where this doesn’t happen BTW. There is something called manners.


No, @MaVo did not always tell the truth only in a forthright or inconvenient way. Whether presumptuous by ignorance or malice, he was frequently misleading.

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