Marketing initiative for NuBits?

As the Chief of Liquidity Operations, marketing is well outside the scope of my official duties as well as my skill set. However, I have a record of facilitating work in other areas, and marketing doesn’t need to be an exception. With the departure of @tomjoad in the wake of the Augeas default last June, marketing has halted. With good NSR liquidity, a nice sized reserve and an increasing demand for NuBits, the time to attend to marketing efforts once again is now.

With the BTC bull market, people will begin to look at options for locking in their gains. That is a service we offer and ought to market at this point. Our network is quite stable and growing at this point. If we can spend funds on marketing that result in a return on investment in the form of NuBit sales, we ought to do it.

Specifically, there was an animation @Cybnate supported having put on some time ago. Is this acceptable for use today (is the branding right)? What would it cost? What would it cost to alter it, if necessary.

What do shareholders think is the most effective way to spend marketing funds?

Remember, we are currently offering a 25% return on a parking term of 6 months. That should make NuBits easier to market.

We expect to have liquidity support for Chinese NuBits very soon at Cryptopia, so marketing Chinese NuBits will be a good idea within a matter of days.

I am hoping someone qualified will take the lead on this. I am authorized by shareholders to fund these sorts of efforts, so that is one role I may play in facilitating progress on marketing.

advertising on http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/ would be a good idea in my opinion

Can I pledge my some BKS to borrow some CN-NBT from community and provide CN-NBT liquidity on Cryptopia’s CNY/CNNBT pair?


You can easily copy the graphics from here:;all
I paid about 600 NBT for the lot at the time excluding advertising costs. Altering them is possible, but major changes wouldn’t look flash imo.

Marketing on coinmarketcap is expensive, but has high traffic. You can find the NuDroid thread with reports on the forum about how effective they were (clicks etc.). The alternative are Bitcoin sites, but you will pay for good coverage and high click ratios.

You will need to think what is your audience and what would be a message what would attract them and then sort out which sites they visit to find the most effective way to advertise. I’ve learned that you can advertise on one main channel but you would need support/advertising on other smaller channels and social media to really spread the message effectively and score in the search engine ranks with the supporting pages for your product.
That’s about my marketing knowledge, just learnt on the go from others, certainly not a professional in this area.

Best marketing is a fair, good faucet like or With good ads and a good lottery (low prices but often)

I am going to raise attention to our need for marketing again. I suspect we are at a point where it is probably the most important area we can focus on to achieve growth. We have a stable system that works really well, so the product is there. There are a lot of things that we could do with our product with more funds, but what seems to really be lacking awareness.

We need someone to recruit new exchanges with our offer of free liquidity.

We need NuBits promoted with their current interest rate of 25% for 6 months.

We need social media promotion.

We need @Gilbert 's idea of faucet evaluated and discussed. I feel like I don’t know whether it is a good idea.

In recent times many have complained as if Nu isn’t open to independent contributors. This isn’t a problem and this situation should demonstrate it. As always, anyone who steps forward with a credible plan to address these needs with solutions that bring return on investment will be rewarded.