[Market][Upbit Delist] Nubits (NBT) BTC Market Trading support end information (end 2019.01.05 )

Source https://upbit.com/service_center/notice?id=665

Hi. Up bit.

Nubits (NBT) We will inform you of the end of BTC market transaction support.
Thank you for confirming the end of transaction support ending schedule and ending transaction support below.

[NBT BTC Market trading End of Support Information]
(1) Target Market: NBT / BTC
(2) Trading Support End date: 2019.01.05 12:00 (KST basis)
based on the up - bit encryption currency transactions end-of-support policy, this notice We will close the transaction support on Saturday, 2019.01.05 12:00 after posting.
(3) Reason for termination of transaction support
: NBT was a type of staple coin aimed at maintaining a value of $ 1.00, but it was determined that the project had taken a long time without fulfilling its original goal . Nubits (NBT) will advise you to terminate the transaction in accordance with the termination support policy for up-bit cryptographic transactions.
(4) Note: Up-bit cryptographic transaction support termination policy

  • At the end of transaction support, the order (buy / sell) requested before closing transaction support in BTC Market will be canceled at once.
  • NBT deposit will be limited from the end of transaction support.

Even if NBT / BTC Market Transaction Support is terminated, we
will support withdrawal for 30 days (~ 2019.01.24) from the date of publication of this notice based on Article 18 Clause 5 of the UBT Terms of Use.
Members who need to withdraw from NBT must pay NBT before 2014.14.

We will always do our best for your safe transactions.

Thank you.

[Market] Market removal Nubits (NBT) - Jan 5th, 2019


The following market will be removed on Jan 5th, 2019:
BTC - NBT (Nubits)

Please pay close attention to detail schedule and reasons below.

  • We will support withdrawal for 30days (~ Jan 24th, 2019) from the date of announcement of the notice - even after the removal of the market.

[BTC-NBT Market removal]
(1) Market: BTC-NBT
Removal date: Jan 5th, 2019 12:00 (KST)
(3) Reason: NBT (NBT) at $ 1. However, it came to our knowledge that Nubit’s has not been able to adhere to his core objective for sometime now. In due to [Upbit Cryptocurrency Market Removal Policy - Upbit Post-Listing Monitoring System], we decided to remove it from the market.
(4) Remark: Upbit Cryptocurrency Market Removal Policy - Upbit Post-Listing Monitoring System

  • After removal (time and date above), all orders (Buy / Sell)
  • After removal, deposit will be suspended.

However, even after BTC-NBT pair is removed, we will support withdrawal for next 30 days, in accordance to Upbit Terms of Use - Article 18, Clause 5.
If you need to withdraw, please do so prior to the market removal.

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