Mandatory upgrade in 3.5 hours, 35% of network not upgraded

Our hard fork is going to occur at 14:00 UTC in just three and a half hours. Approximately 35% of the network still hasn’t upgraded. So, be sure to upgrade immediately. Otherwise, you will be unable to send or receive transactions. You also place the integrity of ledger at some risk.

I have reason to believe larger shareholders that are actively minting have upgraded, so I believe we will have much more than 65% of minting power on the new protocol.

This high percentage of nodes not upgrading highlights the need for a sort of protocol voting system. This can and should be done, although the details haven’t been worked out yet. This way, the network would only switch if 80% or some other arbitrary percentage of nodes had switched to the new protocol.

The fork happened at 14:00:23 UTC and no additional blocks have been found on the 0.4 fork since then, while 193 have been found on the 0.5 fork since.

This means all or nearly all minting power switched to the 0.5 protocol. The transition was very smooth and the network is performing optimally.

Thanks everyone for making this protocol change a success.