[Mandatory Upgrade] All minters need to upgrade to B&C Exchange 4.0.1

Better than responding minutes before you wake up :wink:

My current assessment is that configuration of votes made the 4.0.1 clients create invalid blocks.
Both @Sentinelrv and @crypto_coiner did register data feeds before the minting stopped.

@Cybnate has less than 8 connections.

I was thinking something with 4.0.0 might make trouble, leading to invalid blocks and a low connection count.

Now I think it’s just too early to configure votes. Only after the protocol switch to 4.0 it’s possible to mint valid blocks that have votes for signers, assets, etc. and @Cybnate just has a strangely low connection count.
The debug log of @Sentinelrv and @crypto_coiner should contain entries pointing to invalid blocks.
The blockhashes of all people who had a look were identical.

I dare say, there’s no general (technical) problem and we only have problems with upgrading apathy.

Sorry for the alarm.

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Reputed signer votes and asset votes are not considered by the client until the protocol changes. If there’s an issue with feeds the client will display a warning as well in the BlockShares info section. So I think either the issue is not there, or should be easy to spot regarding feeds.


@crypto_coiner But you said that you did nothing.

I added signers vote 10 days ago, then I could not mint. Suddenly I realized that the network protocol hadn’t changed to v 4.0, so I deleted my votes, everything is OK.

Right. I will modify today my data feeds and remove all votes enabled by version 4.

That incident reminds me that “nothing” is to double-check in quality assurance, indeed.

@cryptog, as I said above, after I upgraded to v4.0.1 on March 31st I was still minting blocks until April 4th. I was following your data feed (I originally thought it was Cybnate’s feed, but it was yours) and it turns out that the day I stopped minting blocks is the same day you started voting for assets and other things, April 4th…


Oh, they are considered by the clients, but not by the network…
Or the clients withhold minting until the protocol supports these votes.

Based on the feedback from



it’s quite clear that users who configured votes (manually or by data feed) can’t mint blocks.
I can’t tell whether the network rejects them or the client doesn’t even try to create them.
The debug.log might tell.

@Sabreiib, @Sentinelrv, @crypto_coiner are there any error messages in the debug.log file?

Removing the votes from the data feeds seems to move the network into the right direction - maybe it’s only fluctuation:

    "2.0" : {
        "blocks" : 1137,
        "block_percentage" : 56.85,
        "switch_to_date_time" : ""
    "4.0" : {
        "blocks" : 863,
        "block_percentage" : 43.15,
        "switch_to_date_time" : ""

At block 402,085: 43.35%

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Dont have access to my machine right now - will get to it in about 10h.

@masterOfDisaster add me to the list of cryptog subscribers that weren’t minting.

last block minted April 06, 2016 (I subscribed to his feed around that time)

"errors" : "Unable to set key from data feed signature"

I have no experience with data feeds, but does that not sound like there’s something wrong with the feed itself and not the content it provides?

Btw. - the protocol 4.0 rate is increasing; this are the results from every quarter of an hour of the last two hours:

    "blocks" : 402124,
        "block_percentage" : 43.55,
    "blocks" : 402134,
        "block_percentage" : 43.45,
    "blocks" : 402145,
        "block_percentage" : 43.3,
    "blocks" : 402157,
        "block_percentage" : 43.45,
    "blocks" : 402161,
        "block_percentage" : 43.5,
    "blocks" : 402165,
        "block_percentage" : 43.65,
    "blocks" : 402174,
        "block_percentage" : 43.7,
    "blocks" : 402188,
        "block_percentage" : 43.75,
    "blocks" : 402197,
        "block_percentage" : 43.7,

The 4.0 percentage is slowly increasing.


Just got home from work and noticed this same error message at the bottom of my client.

Sorry. It seems that putting null as values for signerreward caused an issue.
Fixed here
@crypto_coiner , @Sentinelrv , @willy can you check if the error is gone.

It is gone here.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Got this error several times:

ERROR: CreateCoinStake : generated vote is invalid

when I was not able to mint

43.1%, still rising :smile:

That seems to work

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There might still be something else at play. I’m only seeing 6 connections. Yesterday I had 7, it should be 8.
Anyone else having a number lower than 8 connections during a sustained period?

Have no trouble with connections with other clients, like Nu or Peercoin

Try to delete you address.dat, and restart.

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I have 8.

I have 8 now after deleting addr.dat. Problem solved for me.

Update from me.

Yes, it’s gone, thanks.

Before you posted this I deleted the B&C client completely from my computer including this file and let it resync. Before I was getting only 3 connections, but now I have 8. I also removed the new voting options in my data feed. I did all this before I went to bed.

When I woke up I checked it and I still hadn’t minted any blocks. I ended up completely removing my data feed and it still didn’t mint. After some further digging, I realized that even though I removed the new voting options from my feed, in the reputation and asset sections, voting was still configured from the feed I had previously removed. Removing the feed had not removed the votes for reputation and assets. Once I removed all the voting manually, I immediately minted a new block. So it seems to be minting normally now.

When I come back from work, is there anything else you guys want me to try? While removing the new voting options worked to get me minting again, I hear that @Cybnate and @Yurizhai are having no problem minting with the new options.