Making Nu client more convenient

I’m quite conscientious shareholder and try to monitor all motions in the forum, but it is already very difficult to me. I know what I propose may sound stupid, but I’ll try.

When I decide to vote for а motion, I would like to have a button “Add motion” in Nu client and when push that button a text box to be opened where I want to place the text of chosen motion and hash to be generated automatically. Then I can compare this hash with the hash of the motion from forum.

When someone mint block in which motion passed, special transaction to be generated and the text of the passed motion, as well as its hash to be written in this block. (I am not sure this is technically possible.)

Grid view of passed motions like this with elected custodians.


  • Everyone will be able to quickly view passed motions
  • Quick review the text of the passed motions


  • Protocol changes
  • Time and money to implement
  • Blockchain bloat