Making money, doing what you do best Bloggers' Club 500

Bloggers Club 500 it is an excellent opportunity to earn money by doing what you love!
It’s important to note that we welcome skilled writers of all sorts and experience levels. Bloggers Club 500 is a referral crypto network with limited access. To be eligible to join, you need to already have an OpenLedger LifeTime Membership and be able to promote the following projects: OpenLedger, BTSR, OBITS, ICOO , BitTeaser, DinoMess, GetGame.

We are thrilled to inform you that the first stage of Bloggers Club open testing has been concluded with massive success!

Due to this being the open testing stage, it made sense to make it widely available for everyone. If you wish to start contributing and earning money today, or simply wish to continue down this path, please upgrade your OpenLedger account to LifeTime Member in order to make the Cashout function available instantaneously.

The main goal of Bloggers Club 500 is none other than rewarding the most active cryptobloggers around the globe. As such, we have come up with a list of requirements that each member needs to fulfill in order to be accepted into our highly rewarding blogging network. It is highly recommended to review these Terms of Use and choose the kind of activity you prefer the most before taking the leap!

We would like to invite all proactive members of the global crypto community to join our Bloggers Club program. What’s needed is a solid passion for crypto technology and the ability to create awareness for our projects domestically - irrespective of your fluency in English.

We are very happy to welcome you aboard our OpenLedger family and we wholeheartedly hope that our cooperation will be productive and beneficial for us both.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team or send us an email directly at .

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Updated January 23, 2017

We want to say you thank you for your interest! It’s so exciting to have so many questions and letters from you.
We decided to answer the one the most frequently asked question: How can I start?
And the answer is just one word: Register!
Or in other words - full the form you see in sites or on “Bloggers’ Club” page.
Stay tuned!

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What is a promo code
You create a personalized promotional code yourself (this can be a word, etc.)
You use the promotional code that you are building for your self and this code you are to tell your readers to enter when ordering ICOO on website, as they will receive an extra 10 ICOO as a welcome bonus, and only one time for every unique OpenLedger account.
*** They will receive the bonus on the base of a minimum orders of 200 ICOO approx 0,2 BTC.
One of the most frequently asked questions: How do I use Blogger program
Club 500, if I do not have a blog, but I am an active participant in forums.

Our answer is very simple.
There are several options for using your promotional code.

  1. You can put it in your signature to a brief promotional message
  2. You can make a banner with the inscription and promo code.
  3. Sometimes the forums is not possible to place a signature, then the banner or advertising message can be placed directly in the message body, separating, for example, an underscore.

If you’re interested in crypto, know how to string a decent sentence together and want to earn real digital cash in return, OpenLedger has a scheme whereby you can write and be periodically rewarded for your efforts. It’s a great way to pick up some residual income and promote new technologies and initiatives.

More information on the link:

If you are a blogger or an active member of the forum, register and join us,

Exclusive club of newsmakers for OBITS and BTSR. Join us to spread the news and get profit!
BTSR is a digital token distributed to users willing to help support and maintain BitTeaser, a decentralised advertising network. Ownership of BTSR includes but is not limited to a monthly buyback option based on income from BitTeaser activities, as well as the possibility of realising additional income from trading the BTSR token on exchanges

OBITS gives the chance to profit from the wild swings in prices of the digital currency market without of it’s deep understanding. OBITS is therefore a way of empowering the average user to profit from the markets without a comprehensive background either in trading strategies or blockchain technology.
Our aim is to provide you with weekly news, which we hope that you will help spread to your readers!

Steemit bloggersclub account donates all its funds to progressive cross promotion
In case you did not know this account is an official account of the DC known as the worlds first Decentralized Conglomerate explained as well through a white pape [url][/url], and with that comes also the responsibility to bring you the news in a fair and square way without too much BS so to speak, but please excuse me sometimes, as I do bring my 25 years in sales with me into the crypto industry.

Leveraging opportunities on the blockchain - Bitshares and OpenLedger to bank the unbanked

Since the launch of bitcoin in 2009 it has become clear that blockchain technology offers significant advantages over existing value transfer systems. The power of this new technology is far-reaching, though it is still in its relative infancy and the many benefits have not yet been realised.

As a dedicated Life time member of OpenLedger and part of the Bloggers’ Club we offer you a chance to gain some extra revenue by sharing and telling all your network about BlockPay.

We have made agreement with BlockPay, so that all the buyers entering your bonus code will receive an extra 10 BlockPay tokens on any minimum purchase of 1000 tokens. You will receive a 3% commission from any sales made this way up until 50 BTC in equivalent value. After this you will receive 5% from the full amount of sales achieved.
This agreement is valid whether user orders from Blockpay site or from CCEDK site, as long as he enters your dedicated bonus code.

[b]Get your own bonus code in case you don’t have already[/b]

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National Bank of Denmark moves their minting of coins to Finland. Banknote Printing is also closing.

From the New Year the National Bank will end the printing of banknotes and minting of coins in Denmark.

Check our latest posts on SteemIt. Follow us there for latest insights from Decentralized Conglomerate and its ecosystems.

Notice! If you are still not agreed with the bonus code and conditions for it, please contact us:

DECENT ‘Crypto’ Investment reach a stunning 4000 BTC or equiavalent 2.5 m USD already in first few hours of ICO followed by a FORBES article - Welcome to the Decentralized Content Distribution Revolution

Greetings!!! CCEDK rose up to 27 position in the top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies
The Richtopia Blockchain list is compiled using a number of metrics combined to produce rank order.
Two of the main influencers on a persons ranking are their social media profiles and regular media coverage. Find the latest news: [url][/url]

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OpenLedger Special News Digest: ICO Prelaunch Incent,
OpenLedger Listing Gridcoin, ICO Campaign Nexium, OBITS Voting and Funky Func Tokens


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We are happy to announce that Bloggers’ Club 500 Site is now officially launched!

Log in and follow instructions you will see on your account dashboard.

We will be happy to hear any comments and suggestions from you, feel free to send them to

Make money, doing what you do best with Bloggers’ Club 500

We added new tweets for all our campaigns.

You can find them here:

New Tweets for OBITS Campaign (
Tweets for BTSR Campaign (

New Tweets for Incent Campaign (

Feel free to use them and receive reward. We suggest you not to make all tweets at one time. The best possible way for tweeting - post tweets evenly for a few days.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to write at or use our support chat right on Bloggers’ Club site!

Dear Bloggers Club Member,
In Forbes articles from last week, Beyond The Void and their token crowd sale managed to get mentioned twice throughout the event of Money2020 as well as the BitAngels CoinAgenda both taking place in the gambling city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Have a look at the following two articles to read more about Nexium from Beyond The Void.

Blockchain Players Look To E-Sports, See Dollar Signs

Crypto Financial Platform OpenLedger Goes ‘Wall Street’ With New ICO Investments
Tomorrow is the time for this very interesting and promising project to present their crowd sale, and OpenLedger as an initial backer of this project as well as partner for some of the crowd funding services is able to offer you the following ways to get hold of some of these tokens.
Sponsor the gamer token NxC with extra bonus on top.
Use the following link : which will take you to their website and following the instructions you will then based on this linking to the site be rewarded an added 5% of NxC on top of the tokens you have paid for. You will receive the tokens in your ETH wallet once ICO has ended, you will however not be able to trade them untill launch. ETH is accepted as form of payment and a limited amount of 5 million BCY will be reserved for bitcrystals holders as well.

Information to check the progress of the crowdfunding

New designs for backer ranks as well Following link

Subscribe to a token and trade it same day.
Go to CCEDK ICO live button and enter the Nexium crowdsale webpage with the offer to subscribe to the ICO prelaunch option where you basically order the asset of Nexium backed by OpenLedger (OPEN.NxC) and the possibility to trade the token on OpenLedger trading platform untill the time of launch and for this you pay an extra 4% on top of the going rate. You may use most known currencies like BTC, BTS, ETH, SBD and more as well as fiat as form of payment.

Invest in the Nexium token indirectly buying the ICOO digital token.
Choosing this option, you buy into all token crowd sales as well as any tokens received as payment for the OpenLedger services in connection with a token crowd sale. As already stated ICOO and its ecosystems is represented as backer as well as partner for Nexium. If you wish to invest in ICOO token it is possible to do so buying straight from the market in either BTC or BTS as the markets most used. You can click on any of the two to go directly to those markets and either buy directly from sell wall or place your orders.

BTC market:

BTS market:

Looking forward to welcome you whichever choice or choice you may choose best fits your needs.

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This week we added new banners for our campaigns Openledger and ICOO.
You can find them here:

New Banners for Openledger Campaign

New Banners for ICOO Campaign

Feel free to use them and receive reward.
NB! If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to write at or use our support chat right on Bloggers’ Club site!
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OpenLedger News Digest

Blockchain Startup Centz Goes After Billions in Breakage
Read more at.
Read Full Article:

Nexium Crowdsale will end in 13 days
Hurry up!
Almost 30 000 000 Nexus sold already!

Check the crowdsale status here

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We have so much news to share, and we wish you to be at the forefront with all the best possibilities of benefitting from this, so we hope that you will take the time to join soonest and join us in this ride to the moon with still a good amount of seats left to fill out.

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