Mad Max Fury Road What do you think

One of the best action movies of all time. No movie has been made like this, with so much energy, chaos and excitement. The movie has a great set-up, with the main villain Immortan Joe being one of the craziest villians in the past few years. Max himself is quite and subtle, but like everyone else in the wasteland is a bit mad and unpredictable. The main plot has a great premise, if a bit flimsy and sort of falls apart with plot holes near the end, but has a mature theme. The movie is filled with interesting and bizarre characters. One thing that I found was interesting is that max doesn’t really seem to be the main character, although he is a lead. The main character seems like Furiosa, the female lead. Most of the movie revolves around her actions, shes acted and portrayed perfectly. Furiosa is one of the best female character leads of all time. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and takes the punishment of her actions and from others really well and always seems to come on top in the long run. The Next most interesting characters are Nux, Immortan joe and max.

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To be honest, I saw a commercial for this on TV and thought it looked stupid. I’ve never seen the original with Mel Gibson though. But then I looked on and noticed the movie had a 98% rating, which is pretty rare…

Maybe I’ll check it out when it gets released on Amazon. I’ll usually give any high rated movie a go, just to see if it was worth the hype.

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