Lost NSR Transaction

Hi I was really hoping someone might be able to help me with this (i’m getting a bit worried). I’ve set up a raspberry pi to by a minting machine since I’m on osx and can only get 0.5.3 at the moment.

I set up an account on the pi and sent a test figure off 11 NSR to the pi. That worked fine so sent the rest from there. Using the same address I just sent 37998 NSR from a virtual box.

The now rather large worry is it’s showing as confirmed but the NSR isn’t in the Pi. If anyone could offer some advice I’d really appreciate it. The missing transaction id is: 0c0a246db514e97f8cb5be2746585acad66bad8ddea2472e29863f74d955ef81


Just a bit more info on the block explorer it shows my correct balance. I just can’t see it on the Raspberry Pi


First, check if the Pi is synchronized by running getinfo and comparing the number of blocks to the current block height (you see the current block height at the top of the block explorer, its 253964 at the time of writing this post).

If it is synchronized, check if you really have this private key in the walletS.dat the daemon is using. Run listreceivedbyaddress and check if the address (and the corresponding transactions) show up.

It’s arrived in my wallet :slight_smile: - was really worried there. The clock is out on the Pi. Could that cause an issue?

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Absolutely! If you are planning to stake with the Pi and the clock is significantly wrong then all your blocks will get orphaned. I’d strongly suggest to sync to an NTP server on any staking device:

sudo apt-get install ntp

Yeah that’s already installed. Think it was just running in the wrong timezone. It’s all looking good now. - Thanks for the help!

That’s why i sent a test transaction just to make 100% sure. Thought I was going crazy when it hadn’t come in.